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Powder Free Latexx Examination Glove(Powder Free Latexx Examination Glove) Collection
Seller english name: LATEXX PARTNERS BERHAD
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Polymer coated, single chlorinated and double chlorinated, Finger textured and Palm Textured, available in colors natural white to creamy yellow. Products compliant to ASTM, EN and ISO 111-93-1. 手套麻面,可供涂层和单面氯化, 产品符合ASTM, EN and ISO111-93-1 标准
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  • Smooth textured, available in natural white color, products compliant to ASTM, EN and ISO111-93-1 Standard. 手套滑面,可供白色, 和符合ASTM, EN and ISO111-93-1 标准。